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Here you will find headlines about the projects in development and the completed films.

Theatrical release of the feature film The Namessime

Today marks the start of the theatrical release in Paris of our latest feature film, directed by Xavier Bélony Mussel and produced by Mikaël Ivan Roost.
Congratulations to the whole team, and thanks to the distributor A VIF cinémas / DHR !

A Special Jury Award forThe Namessime

Great many thanks to the Jury of WorldFest Houston, for the prize received by the director himslef, who presented his film at this 56th edition!.

The Namessime officially selected at WorldFest Houston!

The 56th edition of the oldest independent film festival in the world will showcase our latest feature film in competition. A nice recognition for Xavier Bélony Mussel and his team & actors who all invested themselves a lot on this firmly independent film..

A second series of awards for The Namessime

Xavier Bélony Mussel's debut feature receives 3 more prices in the USA, at the Best Actor & Director Awards in New-York, including Best First Time Director - Gold Award, Best Actor in a Comedy - Platinum Award, Best Actor in an Inspirational Film - Gold Award.

First awards in the USA for The Namessime

After an official selection at the Santa Monica Film Festival, Xavier Bélony Mussel's debut feature receives 3 prices at the New-York International Film Awards in January 2023, including Best First Time Director, Best Indie Feature & Best Comedy film.

Special screening in Paris forThe Namessime

The film will be presented out of competition, for the first time in public at the Paris Courts Devant Festival in the "Coup de coeur long-métrage" category on the 11th of January 2023.

The 5.1 mix of the feature film The Namessime is being finalized

Sitting in one of the sound studio @Hiventy in Paris, Actor & director Xavier Bélony Mussel is listening carefully to this last version of the sound of his film, under the direction of sound mixer Vincent Pateau.

Colorgrading of The Namessime is coming along

Xavier Bélony Mussel, at the top right, is sitting next to Corentin Marchand, the director of photography. Both make a stop in Geneva to follow the colorgrading process, under the direction of Raphaël Frauenfelder, at the bottom right, and Yann T.

The Director presents... a series of 6 video clips now available online!

Director and producer Mikaël Ivan Roost sheds light on his latest projects with commentary, for those interested in cinematographic creation and the artistic approach behind each film. Available with English captions on YouTube.

It is an end of filming announced by the team of the film Le Naméssime.

Three particularly intense weeks allowed Xavier Bélony Mussel and his team of actors, artists and technicians, to box all the scenes of this scenario that evokes a film in the film... a somewhat offbeat shooting that should be full of surprises.

The first clap of actor-director Xavier Bélony Mussel's first feature film was heard in a small village of France

Actors Michèle Brousse, Philippe Saïd, Belen Lorenzo, Xavier Adrien Laurent, Laurent Lévy and Antonin Dobrolowska have joined the team of the film Le Naméssime, in a large provincial house for several weeks of filming.

Le Naméssime, a film from actor-director Xavier Bélony Mussel is in preproduction

Shooting will start on the 20th of August in the Aube Department, in France.

Third prize in a festival for Balls from Yann Toderi

The Rolling Film Festival of London has awarded the Best Feature Film to Balls, which was actually shot in London... Congratulations to the whole team!

Balls from Yann Toderi receives an award

The New-York International Film Awards handed the Best Romance award to this first feature film that we coproduced, featuring Yann Toderi & Corinn Springer.

Season 2 of our web series Love in Progress just came out

An independant film in seven parts, available on YouTube in its entirety from the 13th of June, directed by Mikaël Ivan Roost.

Watch Official page

World Premiere of the feature film Balls at the GIFF

Parallaxe films coproduced Yann Toderi's independent feature film shot in London, which is going to premiere at the Geneva International Film festival on 5th November 2019! You can click on the image to read more about the film.

Shooting of Love in Progress season 2

Var Matin, a Southern France daily paper sent a journalist to the village of Grimaud to write about our shooting in progress... If you can read French, you can click on the image to access the article.

Article on Love in Progress in a Swiss Newspaper

Mikaël Ivan Roost, the producer and director of the web series, surrounded by two young actors, Anaïs Noël & Evann De Sousa, talking about the themes of the series and the process they all went through making it, between 2017 and 2018.


Release of our webseries Love in Progress

The 11 episodes of the first season will be broadcast in groups, every Saturday, until October 7, when the series will be fully available on YouTube.

Discover the poster of Love in Progress, our first webseries!

Private screening of BALLS with the cast & crew

Tonight in Geneva, actor-director Yann Toderi presented his new feature film shot in London, to the cast & crew. We are excited to show the film to the public, hopefully very soon!

An award for FIVE

Mikaël Ivan Roost receiving the award for Best Original Screenplay of a Short Foreign Language Film at the London International Filmmaker Festival, where the film was also nominated in the categories: Best Director of a Short Foreign Language Film and Best Costumes.

The web-serie's soundtrack is being recorded

Composer and pianist Julien Painot on a Steinway D, at Studio de la Fonderie in Fribourg.

Sound mixing of Yann Toderi's new feature film

With Laurent Vonlanthen from Kitchen studio, the director put a final touch to the mix of his film 'Balls', in the company of producer Mikaël Ivan Roost and Corinn Springer on screen.

After editing... time for colorgrading the web-series

@Freestudios in Geneva, with Boris Rabusseau and Ludovic Matthey, the director of photography.

The shooting of our web-serie is over !

Shooting in progress... Second week

Shooting in progress... First week

Casting complete for the summer web-series project

Following several weeks of casting, the team of Parallaxe films finished engaging some fifteen promising young actors, as well as a handful of professional ones. They will all appear in a summer comedy project which will be shot at the end of July In French-speaking Switzerland.

Here is Get Up, Robin Dylon's new video!

Teaser for Robin Dylon's new Pop track

Discover Get Up, a track written for the short film FIVE, that is coming out at the end of the month!

On set for Robin Dylon's new music video

A long shooting day at 'Village du soir' in Geneva for the team behind Get Up, the video directed by Mikaël Ivan Roost & Vanessa Carlino....
See you at the end of March 2017 to discover the completed video!

Get a preview of the music from FIVE

Here is a snippet from the soundtrack recording session for Mikaël Ivan Roost's new short film that will be out soon!

The editing of Balls is starting while colorgrading of Five is ending.

Yann Toderi just started editing his second feature film Balls, while after a couple of weeks of editing, the crew of Five just completed colorgrading of the short film at Freestudios in Geneva.

Collaboration project with Chapelle and Robin Dylon

Parallaxe films launches out in the musical production with a Pop track from Chapelle, currently in production.
It will be performed by the young singer Robin Dylon. A music video will soon follow!

Balls : It's a wrap !

Yann Toderi just finished shooting his new feature film.
Congratulations to the crew and let the editing start, along with the whole post-production...

Shooting of Five is over !

After several days of intense work under the sun, the crew is happy to announce a final wrap for the short film!

The actors of the short film Five were chosen

Congratulations to Isaia, Louis, Massimo, Nicanor and Zoé ! Five young talents who will express themselves for the first time on a film set...
Good luck on your preparation work !

Parallaxe films is coproducing the new feature film from Yann Toderi

Balls, an independent Swiss film which is going to be shot in London from July on, will recount the atypical journey of Alex, a man in his thirties, suffering from langage disorders but passionate about music ; just like Sam, who gives singing classes in the capital...

Around twenty young actors lined up for an audition

After seeing over 300 children in theatre workshops from Geneva area, some of them were invited to present themselves at a first audition in front of the short film Five's casting team.
A second audition is planned for the following week.

Preproduction of short film Five has started

Crew is forming around the director Mikaël Ivan Roost, while casting of young actors has begun.

Chapelle's first music video: Enfin is online !

After launching his first EP in March 2016, Electronic Music Producer Chapelle releases his first Music Video.
Check it out !