• Balls

    Directed by Yann Toderi
    Feature film | 90mn | 2019

In London, Alex leads a solitary life marked by Tourette's syndrome. His daily routine is turned upside down by meeting Samantha, an aspiring singer. A musical romance about the challenge of reconciling artistic expression with daily survival.
Corinn Springer, Yann Toderi, Andy Wears, Sonia Vica, Jona Zeschk
  • Written, Directed & Edited by Yann Toderi
  • Cinematography by Blaise Villars
  • Sound by Imad Fahs, Laurent Vonlanthen
  • Executive Producer: Mikaël Ivan Roost
  • Co-Executive Producers: Edmund Newton, Warren Newton, Luc Rouiller, Antonio Gomez, Christophe Auboin, Arnaud De Poortere, Erik Freudenreich, Elena Rodriguez
  • Original songs by Yann Toderi, Rime Shretah, with Sandrine Page and Pascal Camisa
2019 Geneva International Film Festival, world Premiere