• Balls

    Directed by Yann Toderi
    Feature film | 90mn | 2019

In London, Alex leads a solitary life marked by Tourette's syndrome. His daily routine is turned upside down by meeting Samantha, an aspiring singer. A musical romance about the challenge of reconciling artistic expression with daily survival.
Corinn Springer, Yann Toderi, Andy Wears, Sonia Vica, Jona Zeschk
  • Written, Directed & Edited by Yann Toderi
  • Cinematography by Blaise Villars
  • Sound by Imad Fahs, Laurent Vonlanthen
  • Executive Producer: Mikaël Ivan Roost
  • Co-Executive Producers: Edmund Newton, Warren Newton, Luc Rouiller, Antonio Gomez, Christophe Auboin, Arnaud De Poortere, Erik Freudenreich, Elena Rodriguez
  • Original songs by Yann Toderi, Rime Shretah, with Sandrine Page and Pascal Camisa
2019 World Premiere at The Geneva International Film Festival
2020 Grand Jury Award, Best Romance at the New-York International Film Awards
2020 Best Actor for Yann Toderi at the New-York Platinum Award
2021 Best Feature Film at The London Rolling Film Festival