• Love in progress
    SEASON 2, Directed by Mikaël Ivan Roost
    Web series | 100mn | 2020

A group of seven friends 18 to 19 years old meet up on the French riviera one Summer. Far from the parents, lulled by the sensation of freedom, the young adults begin the quest for self and live experiences revealing their deep feelings.
Anaïs Noël, Evann De Sousa, Anaïs Elie, Rodolphe Spoorenberg, Gabrielle Chabot, Hervé Zumbach, Louis Montemont, Julie Nicolet, Julien Naccache, Lyad Smaïn, Jérémie Nicolet, Romain Gagnat, Laurent Di Marino
  • Producer and Director: Mikaël Ivan Roost
  • Production manager and Location Manager : Jean-Marie Gindraux
  • Script: Abderrahmane Bekiekh & Mikaël Ivan Roost, with the participation of Andréa Lehmann & Yann T.
  • First assistant director: Michael Guillod
  • Continuity: Pascale Renaud
  • Director of photography and camera: Blaise Villars
  • Coach: Danièle Keitifine
  • First camera assistant: Antoine Buisson -2nd camera assistant & DIT: Arnaud Portalier
  • Editing: Jérémy Luc
  • Sound recordist: David Puntener
  • Boom operators: Bastian Paumier & Manon Bourgeat-Lamy
  • Sound editing and mixing: Rémi Mencucci & Maxence Ciekawy, Freestudios
  • Production designer and props manager: Monya Ghabantani
  • Costumes: Ayelen Gabin Portmann
  • Hair and makeup: Eloïse Bezert
  • Unit manager and Extras: Nicole Ferrari
  • Production assistant: Habib Dannoun
  • Key Grip: Sophie Poncin
  • Electrician (ep. 5): Clément Valette
  • Conformation by Jean-Charles Weber
  • Colorgrader: Boris Rabusseau, Freestudios
  • Motion graphic design: Christophe Delfosse
  • Music by Michaël Boga
  • Guitares recording and Music mix by Michaël Boga
  • Guitares by Julien Eveno, Vocals by Fanny Boscardin & Michaël Boga
  • Opening credits music by Stéphane Chapelle
  • Casting by Mikaël Ivan Roost, Abderrahame Bekiekh, Jérémy Luc, Monya Ghabantani & Ingrid MacCarthy
  • Community manager and Making of: David Nguyen
  • Catering by Alexandra Debosky, Ghislaine Francio & Betty Bonifassi
  • Lights and camera: Visuals Switzerland
  • Location equipment: Road movie SA
  • Insurance: Rubini & Associés
  • Accounting: Laurent Bloch
  • With the support of Mairie de la Croix-Valmer, Conservatoire du Littoral Région Pacca, Salle Centrale de la Madeleine

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